Intuitively. Quick. So simple.

Optimize your process and integrate your editors directly into the workflow. With clear editing rules you define exactly which elements may be edited and how.

Processing in native Adobe InDesign format. Without conversion. Without format break.
Output format INDD (2022) and IDML.


Edit texts, tables and images. Add new elements. Change the layout as needed. You don’t need an Adobe InDesign license, just use your web browser.

Editing rules

Control your corporate design by depositing clear rules. So you can be sure, that only the things in your document will be edited, that have been approved .


Super simple user interfaces with intuitive operation. For the project manager with clear presentation of all project data and assignment options. For the editor reduced, with concentration on document processing.

Project Manager

As a project manager, you upload InDesign files, store work instructions and invite your editors via email.


Project managers and editors work together effectively.


If you are assigned a project as an editor, you can open it by clicking on the encrypted link in your invitation email. A separate registration is not necessary, you don’t even have to remember a password.


The system automatically checks your InDesign files for fonts, editing rules and correct styles. If anything is wrong, you’ll know immediately.

Address Book

Save the editors in your address book. So you can select them at any time and the assignment of an InDesign file happens in a flash.

Project History

Each task is automatically documented throughout the project, so you always have an overview of what has happened to the project over time.

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