Notes to document composition

To ensure that Adobe InDesign files are processed correctly, please observe the following notes on document composition.
Adobe® InDesign Extension

With our free InDesign extension you can define the editing rules directly in the layout. This allows you to define exactly which frames can be edited and how.

Important: The following notes apply only to frames with editing rules. Frames without editing rules can be constructed as required.

Master pages

Frames on master pages cannot be edited. All frames that can be edited by editors must be on normal pages.

Paragraph and character styles

The use of styles is necessary for the correct processing of InDesign files. All texts with editing rules should be labelled with clean paragraph and character styles, manual format assignments would be lost during editing.

After uploading/preflighting, the system lists all format deviations. Here you have the option of having the system automatically set missing or not clean styles. The necessary paragraph and character styles are then created in the InDesign file.


For technical reasons, it is necessary to place tables in a separate text frame with its own editing rules. If required, tables can run as anchored frames in the continuous text.

Anchored frames

Anchored frames must be provided separately with editing rules, if they can be modified by the editor. These include rectangular frames, ellipse frames, polygon frames, frames (free), text on path, text frames and tables.


Due to permissions to edit text frames linked to InCopy files, all corresponding links are automatically removed.