Edit Adobe InDesign files online with ease

For data acquisition, for corrections and translations or for checking and approval purposes.

You’re probably familiar with these scenarios

You send InDesign or PDF files by email to have them corrected, adapted or translated. Text is copied and pasted into other formats so that someone else can edit it. And corrections that you receive back as text or PDF, on paper or on demand, have to be incorporated manually.
We have a much better solution for this.

ID4Y.cloud optimises your collaboration processes

Many correction loops and coordination rounds are saved. The time-consuming way of communicating your changes by email and transferring files is also eliminated. The generation of many file versions too.
The editor does not even need an InDesign license. This also saves him the costs for purchase, installation and maintenance. The version problems of different InDesign formats do not even arise.

Involve your employees or customers directly in the processes and save money and time by using an innovative and unique cloud platform.

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